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  iXP1-500 iPad/iPad2/iPad3 Power Adapter

The iXP1-500 iPad adapter solves the problems iPad/iPad2 users have charging from their USB port on their desktop and laptop computers. The RocketJackiXP1-500 is patent pending. Using the RocketJack iXP1-500 adapter, you can now use a regular USB port to recharge the power-hungry Apple iPad's.


iPad Charging with a USB port is in most cases not a solution ¡V The iXP1-500 solves this problem


Users of non Apple computer and some Apple computers cannot charge the iPad unless they use an electrical wallplate. The 10W Power Adapter which is packaged with the iPad is required if a user wants to charge the iPad. Therefore, to charge the iPad you must use a wall outlet.

Unless you have a 2.0 USB connector on your laptop or desktop which will operate with the iPad/iPad2/iPad3 for charging. Apple states on their website that some USB 2.0 ports and accessories do not provide enough power to charge iPad. When this occurs the message "Not Charging" appears in the status bar next to the battery icon. This appears to happen in most cases.

As it turns out the iPad, iPad2 and iPad3 will not charge through USB ports on non-Apple computers. iPad/iPad2/iPad3 charges just fine through the wall charging brick and accompanying USB data cable. The iPad charges just fine when connected to USB ports on iMac, MacBook Pro. However the non-Apple as a whole have a problem.

  • The iPad/iPad2/iPad3 does not charge correctly when connected to a PC.
  • The iPad/iPad2/iPad3 does not charge correctly when connected to an older MacBook Pro (pre-Unibody).
  • The iPad/iPad2/iPad3 does not charge through USB hubs, regardless of what the hub is connected to (PC or Mac)

iXP1-500 Solution

The iXP1-500 adapter has been designed to solve the USB power with an inexpensive solution . Simply attach the iXP1-500 adapter to your existing Apple USB cable and your iPad/iPad2/iPad3 will charge from your computer's USB port ¡V Guaranteed. The iXP1-500 charges the iPad/iPad2 using the USB port on the user's computer. No need for a wall outlet. No more frustration. Press Release

iXP1-500 Adapter Features and Advantage

  • Female USB Type A connector to attach to your existing Apple USB cable¡¦s male USB Type A connector
  • Male USB Type A connector to attach to your computer
  • Integrated patent pending circuit to solve the iPads power requirement
  • White Color to match your white Apple USB cable
  • Black Color also available
  • Works with car adapters
  • Works with most hubs
  • Removed iXP1-500 to Sync
  • Attractive Packaging - Packaging
  • Small compact form factor
  • Protective Cover

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iXP1-500 Adapter Data Sheets, Presentation, & Power Circuit Patent Pending

    Unit Dimensions:
    1.4 x 1.6 x 0.25-inches (H x W x D, approximate)


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