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Lighting Products - Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Printed Circuit Assemblies and Chip On Board LEDs Solutions

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Printed Circuit Assemblies

Xmultiple manufacturers an extensive product line of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) and Printed Circuit Assemblies with designs which provide reliable and efficient custom-lighting solutions.

Xmultiple solves difficult LED design issues and we can deliver in short manufacturing lead-times. Xmultiple specializes in designing and manufacturing complex LED and printed circuit assemblies which meet all industry requirements.



Chip On Board LEDs

Chip-on-Board LED technology describes the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with the substrate to produce LED arrays. It is a method of LED packaging which has a number of advantages over traditional surface mount technologies such as the use of Ą§T-packĄ¨ and Surface mount LEDs.

Due to the small size of the LED chip, Chip-on-Board technology allows for a much higher packing density than surface mount technology. This results in higher intensity & greater uniformity for the user.

Drawings for all Xmultiple Chip-On-Board LED are available upon request. Xmultiple manufacturers a range of solderless solutions for mounting LED COB arrays.


Heat Sinks for LED Array Holders

Xmultiple heat sinks for LED array holders are effective cooling for LEDs. Our Heat sinks are extremely efficient with a patented heat-dissipating design.

Xmultiple heat sinks provide for field replacements and have been design to install with ease. Xmultiple heat sinks have a heat dissipation feature to keep them running over long periods of time. Xmultiple LED heat sinks operate with LED array holders with 40.00mm (1.57Ą¨) screw centers. Xmultiple has a complete product line of heat sinks with versions for every requirement.


Contact Xmultiple about our Lighting Products at 805-579-1100


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