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New Product: The Mini I/O RJ45 Connector for All Requirements and Environment Connectivity Solutions

Xmultiple, one of the world¡¦s market leaders in connectivity solutions, announced today a revolutionary new innovative iXP1 RJ45 I/O Mini version series of the standard RJ45 connectors. The iXP1 Series of Mini RJ45 connectors are one of the most compact RJ45 connectors in the industry. The RJ45 Mini I/O connector provides a space-saving wire-termination solution in addition to a more efficient means for connectivity for all industries requiring the use of an RJ45 connector for any environment.

Xmultiple¡¦s Mini I/O RJ45 solution is only one half the size of the conventional RJ45 plug. This product is a new innovation for RJ45 technology which provides space saving and the flexibility to use limited space on the PCB more effectively. The Mini I/O RJ45 is designed with eight contacts and conforms to all the standards of RJ45 connectors. The Mini I/O RJ45 connector is built for the stringent demands of an industrial and high vibration environment. This results in increased productivity with one of the most reliable connectors in the marketplace today. With the Mini I/O RJ45¡¦s innovative size, users have a more efficient means to make their data or industrial connection. With the increase in tablets and mobile devices for the Internet, a smaller and more efficient connector is the best solution for these emerging products.

Product Features

  • Convenient small size for emerging tablets and laptops for mobile devices which still require hardwire connectors for improved speed.
  • Space saving solution which provides increased design flexibility
  • Reliable connections in industrial and vibration-prone environments
  • Available in different versions for all requirements and applications
  • Different configurations (TMT, SMT, right and straight angle)


  • Data and Industrial Communications
  • Computers, Laptops, Tablets
  • Motion & Drives
  • Mobile Devices
  • PLC¡¦s
  • Robotics


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New Products Overview



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