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Magnetic Modular Jacks With Transformers & Modular Jacks Without Transformers


RJ45 and RJ11 Connectors


XRJDB - RJ45 Tab Down

XRJDT - RJ45 One Port High Profile


XRJM/XMM - 1 Port & Multiple Port

XRJK-XRJD - RJ11 Connectors

XRJS - Surface Mount

XMS - Surface Mount







XMC- RJ45 Couplers

XRJV/XMV - Vertical Mount

X-SMART RJ45/MicroSD Combo

XMP - Power Over Ethernet

XPJH / XMH - Power Over Ethernet


XRJF/XMF - One Port
XRJF/XMF - Two Port
XRJF/XMF - Four Port

XRJG and XMG - Tab Down

XRJG/XMG - One Port
XRJG/XMG - Two Port
XRJG/XMG - Four Port

XRJH and XMH - Tab Up

XRJH/XMH - One Port Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 1x2 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 1x4 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 2x1 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 2x2 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 2x4 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 2x6 Tab Up
XRJH/XMH - 2x8 Tab Up




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