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Power Transformers, Chokes and Power Inductors

Transformer and inductors are important parts of any power supply circuit design. Transformers are a passive device which transforms alternative (AC) electrical energy from one circuit into another through electomagnetic induction. In general, transformers transfer all energy instantaneously form one winding to another while storing no or little energy in the process. Conversely, a power inductor is used as an energy storage device. It accumulates energy in the magnetic field as current flows though it and then transfers all or portion of this energy into another circuit during the alternate part of the switching cycle. Power supply inductors also are designed to filter high frequency ripple in which case they are called chokes.

An inductor consists of wire wound around a core of ferrite material that includes an air gap. A subset within the broad inductor category, power inductors operate as energy-storage devices. They store energy in a magnetic field during the power supply¡¦s switching-cycle on time and deliver that energy to the load during the off time. To understand power loss in inductors, you must first understand the basic parameters associated with inductors. These
include magnetomotive force F(t), magnetic-field strength Inductors dissipate power in the core and in the windings. Although exact calculations of these losses can be complex and difficult, they can be readily estimated using data sheet parameters available from magnetic component specifications.

Xmultiple manufacturers a complete line of power magnetics for voltage conversion applications in a broad range options. These include through hole to surface mount, unshielded Drum Core, Shielded Drum Core, Round Wire Coils, Toroid, Flat Coil, Power Bead, and Planar.

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