Xmultiple Suppliers - Operations Excellence Requirements

Xmultiple Requirements for Excellence

Xmultiple Operating Requirement for Material Suppliers

Xmultiple has a program for all suppliers for them to improve productivity, improve delivery dates, reduce costs, and provide services with a optimine level of satisfaction for Xmultiple to support our customers. The Supplier Operations Excellence Requirement Program (SOERP) is designed to measure and reate our Material Supply Chain network for competitive prices, quality, delivery, productivity, and asset utilization. Xmultiple's SOERP measures the Key elements of our suppliers performance. All Xmultiple suppliers must demonstrate they can perform by supplying material on a repeatable basis with the highest level of quality controls of their processes. All material suppliers must be ISO 9001;2008 certified.

Top Tier Quality

Xmultiple products require materials with quality to industry standards. Material suppliers must demonstrate as well that there services capable of meeting the volume levels for our customers demands for products. Our Xmultiple Supplier program has processes to achieve the required levels of performance. Supplier companies management are responsible to ensure their working conditions are safe and follow ethical conduct and compliance with safety.Materisl must be REACH and RoHS compliant and meet all environmental and legal regulations.

Zero Defects

Xmultiple's and our material suppliers goal is to achieve zero defects. A common set of metrics is used to measure, report and assure improvement. Corrective and preventative measures and other ISO 9001:2015 procedures must be used to report material issues to elimated these problems if they occur. Defects must be found in internal testing to assure materials shipped to Xmultiple have zero defects..

Material SuppliersISO 9001:2015 Management Revies Provide Continual Improvement

Management Reviews and Non Conformance report procedures must be use and demonstrated by all Xmultiple suppliers. Suppliers must assure these practices are used to dentified and implemented improvements in their company. An important method for improvement is by providing extensive education to all supplier employees. This is a responsibility of all Xmultiple suppliers.

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