Top 10 Tips To Choosing the Right Connector For Your Requirement

With more electronic component manufacturers offering more choices than ever before, engineers and product managers even with years of experience can choose the right components and connectors for their product projects by following a few simple tips. Our quick reference guide, Top 10 Tips to Choosing the Right Connectors, identifies these common pitfalls that engineers encounter and offer tips to avoid them.

This simple guide shows you why Xmultiple is a good choice as your interconnect solutions provider:

1. Lead-times have become critical and a lead-time of more than four weeks for a non-magnetic connector and a lead-time of more than 10-12 of magnetic connectors is not reasonable. Xmultiple can deliver magnetic connectors in as little as four weeks.

2. Repeat orders can be scheduled on a monthly or by order basis with stocking orders reducing possible production issues. Xmultiple will stock products to assure you have the connectors when you need them.

3. Lowest Pricing Possible without compromising Quality. Xmultiple focus is on implementing production techniques to reduce connector cost per units to our customers. Our modular production design has an internal structure which reduces production cost.

4. Alternative Sources - Xmultiple designs our connector products with alternative sources as a main concern. We understand this is an important element for our customers. For Xmultiple patented technologies, we offer licensing to our technologies and we collaborate with other manufacturers to make second sourcing available on the products we manufacturer for every industry solution.

5. Assembly Made Easy - Xmultiple evaluates the ease of assembly for all of our connectors and components. With different assembly processes we offer, products are designed with assembly in mind from the very first concept of product development.

6. Design and Development. Xmultiple is ready to help you with any design and development.

7. Experienced Technical Support - Extensive knowledge in networking and compatibility with competitive products. Xmultiple has a large engineering group with years of experience in the Interconnection Solutions marketplace

8. Highest level of reliable and flexible product quality - Xmultiple is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. All Xmultiple products are UL approved and conform to industry standards.

9. Custom Product - Xmultiple engineers and product managers are experienced in design and development and are available for implementing any new product you would like us to custom manufacture for you. Once you have your product developed, Xmulltiple has a high volume production capability to supply products on time for your production requirements.

10. One Stop Shopping for Connectors and other Products - Xmultiple has complete product lines for most type of connectors and components. We want to be your connector source.

These are excellent tips for connector designers and developers to think about when integrating connectors into their products. Additionally, you'll have design tips from our design center. The information includes a complete list of contract manufacturers who can help you with your assembly and production requirements. Xmultiple can help you maximize your time by providing all the connectors you need no matter what type are required.

Make informed decisions when implementing connectors in your products. Call us and we can help with any solutions you need. Toll free 800-753-9526 or 805-579-1100.





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