USB 3.0 With Power Delivery - Connectors and Cables

USB 3.0 Connectors and Cable to the new power spec enables up to 100W.
The new Xmultiple "USB 3.0 with power" connectors and cables with a new power delivery system which enables higher voltage and current delivering up to 100W of power via the USB interface.

The "USB 3.0 with power" connectors are design to the new power delivery specification which significantly extends the capabilities and usages of cable bus power in USB applications. The new specification enables delivery of more power via the USB connectors and cables.

Key characteristics of the Xmultiple "USB 3.0 with power" connectors and cables include:

Compatible with existing cables and connectors

  • Power Supply Function
  • USB with Power Carrying Capability
  • Compatible with existing cables and connectors
  • Enables voltage and current values to be negotiated over the USB power pins
  • Enables higher voltage and current in order to deliver power up to 100W
  • Switchable source of power delivery without changing cable direction
    Coexists with USB Battery Charging 1.2 and works equally well with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

XUSB+ Power Series - USB+Power Connectors

Description Drawing
USB + Power- Female XUSB-OSUSB140602013A1T
USB + Power- Female XUSB-R-08-S-12-GN-1-R
USB + Power- Male XBAP-R-08-S-12-GN-1-R
USB + Power- Male XUSB-M-CP
USB + Power- Female-12V XUSB-F-12V-CP
USB + Power- Female-24V XUSB--F-24V-CP
USB + Power- 8P Male to open cable XUSB-S12VM-S