Women Are the Main Users Of Mobile Technology - Connecting To the Internet

Women are the main users of cutting edge devices for mobile technology. They are using social media, shopping online and accessing information on the Internet with the highest volume of usage of any group. Recent research and reports are showing that women between the ages of 25-49 spend the largest amount of time attached and using their pocket devices including cellphones, smartphone, and tablets.

This is true for both Non-Professional and Professional Woman, and they access the internet anywhere they are during the day not just when in a restaurant, gym, bar or shopping mall. With smartphones, tablets, and smartphones being purchased and used more frequently, women have found they like to search and access information with mobile devices and they are interested in more storage to make the experience more enjoyable with better capability.

Xmultiple has developed our X-SMART products with this in mind. To increase the capability and advantages of mobile devices. With the integration of MicroSD cards built into MicroUSB connectors, users can have access to large amounts of data on their mobile devices and manufactures can provide the X-SMART connectors and save space on the mobile devices to keep the size small and compact.

Although women are spend the largest share of Internet time on mobile devices with a 61 percent share, men in this same 25 to 49 age group are not far behind with 29 percent. Users of the internet in this age group use their mobile devices no matter if they are working, in a store, reading books, listening to music, or just out and about with their kids.

Mobile devices are where all the internet usage is shifting even though laptops and computers still have the highest internet usage. Manufacturers of computer and networking equipment are looking closely at the market to understand their audience so they can bring out the right products to meet the markets demand.

Studies of mobile device use also shows that not only are women between the ages of 25 and 49 are the most likely to access the Internet on mobile tech but 14 percent access is through handheld devices.

Women between the ages of 18 to 24 represent the market segment that spends the largest share of their Internet time on mobile devices but not necessarily using it to connect to websites. Their use is mainly for text message which is no surprise to parents who have daughters in college.

Women are expressing the things they want to see on their mobile devices and this includes a means to storage information and to access it on the mobile devices. More storage which can be interchanged with their PC or laptop such as a MicroSD capability is what they want on their mobile device.

Xmultiple research and reviews studies to reveals patterns about how different demographic groups (i.e. women) approach device usage, says Mike Basowski, National Sales Manager at Xmultiple. As Connector manufactures we are releasing new products for the digital consumer. These new products take into consideration mobile device patterns of use and the features these users want to see integrated into these devices.

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X-SMART-USB Combo - MicroUSB Connector and MicroSD- Patent Pending. Compact Size for Smartphones, Tablets and Mobile Devices.



Type A USB / MicroSD

SMT MicroUSB / MicroSD

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