X-CageLite SFP, SFP+ & Emerging CFP Cages with Integrated LEDs - (Patent Pending)

The X-CageLite now provides LEDs integrated in small form factor pluggable cages. One or more LED visual indicators. With the X-CageLite a user can use any manufacturers cage and simply snap the X-cageLite housing over the top and side of the cage on the side with the transceiver opening. Prior to X-CageLite users had only one solution if they wanted light indicators which was a lightpipe concept. The lightpipes were bulky and required a lot of printed circuit board space for LED pads. The X-Cagelite works with most small form factor pluggable cages designed for SONET, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel and other communications standards. The standards for SFP and SFP+ are able to support data rates at very high Gigabit speeds and operate over copper wires and fiber optic cables and the X-CageLite works to provide status for all transciever requirements.


X-CageLite Snap-On's Are Designed For All Existing Cages

X-CageLite Snap-On adapters work with all existing SFP and SFP+ Cages. X-CageLite snap-on adapters with the LEDs and LED wires are designed to be placed behind the shielding tabs on the top and side of most manufacturers SFP and SFP+ cages. The X-CageLite Snap-On LEDs have a rasied L-shaped support so the shielding tabs on the top of the cage will touch the front panel on your enclosure design while the LED extend through cutouts above.


X-CageLite are available for stackable cages as well. Xmultiple offers integration of the LED with single port, multiple port and stackagle cages. The advantages inclued increased port density, and reduced assembly labor. The LED feature provides the user with port-status indication and activity feedback. Applications include telecommunications equipment, networking devices, and storage systems. Cage assemblies provide a simplified, one-piece solution to meet user requirements for high-density SFP module spacing and the X-CageLite integrated LEDs increase the one-piece solution design. Xmultiple is your one and only source for the X-CageLiteLED's for SFP/SFP+ Cages. To make sure you have second sourcing we have licensed other connector manufactures so your can purchase with confidence. We also are committed to provide this product with short leadtimes. The X-CageLite soluition eliminates the need to use bulky lightpipes. Lightpipes also use more space in the back of the cage and on the top as well for the lightpipes to be extended. Call today for pricing of X-CageLite cages or for X-CageLite adapters for the current cages you are using.


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