XP1Power Cables - Batteries Built-Into USB Cables

The Ultimate USB Rechargeable Battery Backup Cable

Give your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod extra power while on the road using the XP1 USB cable with a rechargeable battery which charges every time you connect your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone to your computer. The XP1 battery backup unit is as small as a AAA size battery. Take your XP1 cable with you when you are on the go. If your iPod Touch,iPod or iPhone run out of juice just plug the XP1 cable in and you have the power you need. Always have the backup power you need to keep going. The XP1 has the ability to charge the iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch's internal battery as well and the XP1 is compatible with Apple iPhone, IPod Touch and all iPod Docking Devices. Keep a XP1 in your home, office and car to assure you always have the backup power you need. XP1 cables are offered in a retractable cable as well - So it is convenient to carry the cable around and just pull it out when you need the extra battery power.
Rechargeable Battery Cable for iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, iPod. Provides twice the battery time and power reserve. Now you have the power you need when you are on the go:

The XP1Power combines the USB sync/charging cable with an integrated rechargeable battery for hours of backup run-time power. In addition it combines surge protection as well. When you connect it to a USB port on your computer, push the XP1Power's button to select recharging its own battery or the battery on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, DROID, Nokia, Motorola or any other SmartPhone/CellPhone. With the universal XP1Power use interchangable iXP1 connector adapters to connect to your GPS, PDA, gaming device, MP3 Player, Wireless headset, MiFi and more. The XP1Power provides hours of extra power, even when you're nowhere near a power source.

The XP1Power has two models. The XP1-2500 for iPhone and iPods only and the XP1-2500AP Universal which as interchangeable connectors adapters which plug into the XP1-


XP1-2500AP Universal Model with Interchangeable tips for Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG, DROID, Motorola, HTC and most cellphones and smartphones. - Product Sheet



XP1-2500 iPhone/iPod Model Attached to Laptop and Desktop PC

XP1 Rechargeable Battery USB Cable Brochure

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